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A homogenization equation for the small strain stiffness of gap-graded granular materials J. Nie, J. Zhao, X.S. Shi, Y. Gao 2020 Computers and Geotechnics Elsevier
Influence of amygdale on crack evolution and failure behavior of basalt C. Zhang, G. Cui, H. Zhou, Y. Gao, Y.Pan, Z. Liu 2020 Engineering Fracture Mechanics Elsevier
SPH-based analysis of the post-failure flow behavior for soft and hard interbedded earth slope J. Li, W. Zhang, Y. Gao 2019 Engineering Geology Elsevier
Deformation and failure characteristics and fracture evolution of cryptocrystalline basalt C. Zhang and C. Zhang, H. Zhou, Y. Gao, Z. Chang, Z. Liu 2019 Journal of Rock Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering CSRME
Investigation of motion of coarse aggregates in asphalt mixture based on virtual simulation of compaction test L. Li, W. Liu, X. Huang, Y. Gao 2018 International Journal of Pavement Engineering Taylor & Francis
Quantitative Simulation on Powder Shear Flow Using Discrete Element Method Y. Gao 2018 Journal of Pharmaceutical Innovation Springer
Operator health risk evaluation of off-highway dump truck under shovel loading condition C. Jin, F. Wei, M. Xu, Y. Gao, Y. Shen 2017 Journal of Central South University Springer
DEM modelling of particle-bubble capture through extended DLVO theory E.J. Wanless, G.M. Evans, R. Moreno-Atanasio, Y. Gao 2017 Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects Elsevier
Interaction of a spherical particle with a neutrally buoyant immiscible droplet in salt solution E.J. Wanless, G. Evans, R. Moreno-Atanasio, S. Mitra, Y. Gao 2017 Chemical Engineering Science Elsevier
Characterization of railroad crosstie movements by numerical modeling and field investigation H. Huang, S. Liu, S. M. Stoffels, Y. Gao, Y. Qian 2017 Construction and Building Materials Elsevier