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Particulate flow characteristics in a novel moving granular bed C. Liu, L. Tong, L. Wang, S. Yin, Y. Ding, Y. He 2019 Powder Technology Elsevier
DEM-CFD coupling simulation and optimization of an inside-filling air-blowing maize precision seed-metering device D. Han, D. Zhang, H. Jing, L. Yang, T. Cui, T. Zhang, Y. Ding, Y. Wang, Z. Wang 2018 Computer and Electronics in Agriculture Elsevier
Investigation of erosion behaviors of sulfur-particle-laden gas flow in an elbow via a CFD-DEM coupling method D. Zeng, E. Zhang, G. Yao, H. Zhu, Q. Xian, T. Shi, Y. Ding, Y. Yi 2018 Powder Technology Elsevier
Quasi-static collapse of two-dimensional granular columns: insight from continuum modelling D. Sheng, S.W. Sloan, W. Huang, X. Zhang, Y. Ding 2017 Granular Matter Springer
Development of a discrete element model with moving realistic geometry to simulate particle motion in a Mi-Pro granulator B. H. Xu, G. K. Reynolds, M.J.W. Povey, N.J. Watson, Y. Ding 2016 Computers & Chemical Engineering Elsevier
Mechanics of Undulatory Swimming in a Frictional Fluid A. Masse, D. I. Goldman, S.S. Sharpe, Y. Ding 2012 Public Library of Science PLoS Computational Biology
Toward a Terramechanics for Bio-Inspired Locomotion in Granular Environments A. Masse, C. Li, N. Gravish, P. B. Umbanhowar, R. D. Maladen, Y. Ding 2012 PROCEEDINGS ASCE
Comparative Studies Reveal Principles of Movement on and Within Granular Media C. Li, D. I. Goldman, N. Gravish, N. Mazouchova, P. B. Umbanhowar, R. D. Maladen, S.S. Sharpe, Y. Ding 2012 Natural Locomotion in Fluids and on Surfaces Springer
Mechanical models of sandfish locomotion reveal principles of high performance subsurface sand-swimming A. Kamor, D. I. Goldman, P. B. Umbanhowar, R. D. Maladen, Y. Ding 2011 Journal of the Royal Society Interface Royal Society Publishing
Numerical simulation of hydrodynamics in downers using a CFD–DEM coupled approach C. Wu, Y. Cheng, Y. Ding, Y. Zhao 2010 Powder Technology Elsevier