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Numerical simulation and field tests of minimum-tillage planter with straw smashing and strip laying based on EDEM software D. Newman, D. Weimin, H. Zhichao, S. Yinyan, W. Xiaochan, X. Sun 2019 Computers and Electronics in Agriculture Elsevier
Influence of particle damping on ride comfort of mining dump truck D. Lu, H. Guo, L. Song, W. Xiao, Z.Yang 2019 Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing Elsevier
Numerical simulation of spreading performance and distribution pattern of centrifugal variable-rate fertilizer applicator based on DEM software C. Man, D. Weimin, M. O. Odhiambo, S. Yinyan, W. Xiaochan 2017 Computers and Electronics in Agriculture Elsevier
Research on the impact of surface properties of particle on damping effect in gear transmission under high speed and heavy load J. Li, T. Pan, W. Xiao, Z. Chen 2017 Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing Elsevier
Investigation into the influence of particles' friction coefficient on vibration suppression in gear transmission J. Li, T. Pan, W. Xiao, X. Zhang, Y. Huang 2017 Mechanism and Machine Theory Elsevier
Energy dissipation mechanism and experiment of particle dampers for gear transmission under centrifugal loads H. Jiang, H. Lin, J. Li, W. Xiao, Y. Huang 2016 Particuology Elsevier
Effect of powder material on vibration reduction of gear system in centrifugal field H. Jiang, L. Jin, W. Xiao, Y. Huang 2016 Powder Technology Elsevier
Study on vibration suppression based on particle damping in centrifugal field of gear transmission J. Li, S. Wang, W. Xiao, X. Fang 2015 Journal of Sound and Vibration Elsevier