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Modelling mineral slurreis using coupled discrete element method and smoothed particle hydrodynamics C. Wheeler, D. Glowinski, W. Chen 2020 Powder Technology Elsevier
A study of the microstructure modification of a space crawling robot adhesive feet based on discrete element method Liu, M. Li, S. Jiang, W. Chen, X. Hou, Y, Y. Su 2019 Journal of the Brazilian Society of Mechanical Sciences and Engineering Springer
Numerical Simulation of a Single Stone Column in Soft Clay Using the Discrete-Element Method M. Zhao, W. Chen, X. Tan 2019 International Journal of Geomechanics ASCE
Modeling Geogrid Pullout Behavior in Sand Using Discrete-Element Method and Effect of Tensile Stiffness W. Chen, W. Zhou, X. Jing 2019 International Journal of Geomechanics ASCE
Calibration and verification of DEM parameters for dynamic particle flow conditions using a backpropagation neural network B. Chen, C. Wheeler, F. Ye, J. Hu, K. Chen, W. Chen 2019 Advanced Powder Technology Elsevier
A DEM model-based study to quantitatively compare the effect of wet and dry binder addition in high-shear wet granulation processes A. Tamrakar, R. Ramachandran, S-W. Chen 2019 Chemical Engineering Research and Design Elsevier
Modelling the stability of iron ore bulk cargoes during marine transport A. Katterfeld, A. Roberts, C. Wheeler, W. Chen 2017 Powder Technology Elsevier
Hydraulic fracturing simulation for heterogeneous granite by discrete element method C. Liu, H. Konietzky, W. Chen, X. Tan 2017 Computers and Geotechnics Elsevier
Numerical simulation of the influence of particle shape on the mechanical properties of rockfill materials B. Huang, H. Han, W. Chen, X. Fu 2017 Engineering Computations Emerald Group Publishing Limited
Rectification effect on solitary waves in the symmetric Y-shaped granular chain D. Huang, J. Su, L. Ma, Q. Sun, T. Jiao, W. Chen, X. Liu 2017 Granular Matter Springer