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Flow dynamics of binary mixtures of non-spherical particles in the rolling-regime rotating drum H. Wang, J. Hu, J.W. Chew, S.Yang, Y. Wei 2019 Powder Technology Elsevier
Discrete element simulation on failure mechanical behavior of transversely isotropic rocks under different confining pressures J. Cheng, P. Yin, S.Yang, W. Tian 2019 Arabian Journal of Geosciences Springer
Experiment and Discrete Element Modelling on Strength, Deformation and Failure Behaviour of Shale Under Brazilian Compression P. Yin, S.Yang, Y. Huang 2019 Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering Springer
Discrete Element Modeling of Strength and Failure Behavior of Transversely Isotropic Rock under Uniaxial Compression P. Yin, S.Yang 2019 Journal of the Geological Society of India Springer
Discrete element modeling of first shear strain gradient effects on mechanical behaviors in granular materials M. Chen, S.Yang, W. Wu 2019 Granular Matter Springer
A 2D coupled hydro-thermal model for the combined finite-discrete element method C. Yan, S.Yang, Y. Jiao 2019 Acta Geotechnica Springer
Cracking process of a granite specimen that contains multiple pre‐existing holes under uniaxial compression S.Yang, W. Tian, Y. Huang 2019 Fatigue & Fracture of Engineering Materials & Structures Wiley
Simulation of the granular flow of cylindrical particles in the rotating drum J.W. Chew, S.Yang, Y. Sun 2019 AIChE Journal Wiley
Segregation behavior of binary mixtures of cylindrical particles with different length ratios in the rotating drum H. Wang, J. Hu, J.W. Chew, S.Yang, Y. Wei 2019 AIChE Journal Wiley
Particle-scale characteristics of the three distinct regions in the multi-chamber slot-rectangular spouted bed H. Wang, J. Hu, J.W. Chew, S.Yang, Y. Wei 2019 Powder Technology Elsevier