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Numerical study for tableting process in consideration of compression speed H. Nakamura, K. Kushida, S. Ohsaki, S. Watano, Y. Matsuda 2019 International Journal of Pharmaceutics Elsevier
Numerical study on granule aggregation and breakage in fluidized bed granulation by a novel PBM with DEM-CFD coupling approach H. Nakamura, K. Hayashi, S. Watano 2019 Powder Technology Elsevier
Scale-Up of Lubricant Mixing Process by Using V-Type Blender Based on Discrete Element Method M. Horibe, R. Sonoda, S. Watano 2018 Chemical and Pharmaceutical Bulletin J-Stage
Improvement of particle mixing and fluidization quality in rotating fluidized bed by inclined injection of fluidizing air H. Nakamura, S. Watano, T. Kondo 2013 Chemical Engineering Science Elsevier
Scale-up of high shear mixer-granulator based on discrete element analysis H. Fujii, H. Nakamura, S. Watano 2012 Powder Technology Elsevier
Development of a novel high speed kneading granulation and analysis of its granulation mechanism by computer simulation C. Aoki, H. Nakamura, H. Oishi, S. Watano, T. Hayuka, T. Iwasaki 2011 Particulate Processes in the Pharmaceutical Industry III Engineering Conferences International
Scale-up methodology for tumbling ball mill based on impact energy of grinding balls using discrete element analysis H. Nakagawa, S. Watano, T. Iwasaki, T. Yabuuchi 2010 Advanced Powder Technology Elsevier
Numerical analysis of similarities of particle behavior in high shear mixer granulators with different vessel sizes H. Nakamura, S. Watano, T. Iwasaki, Y. Miyazaki, Y. Sato 2009 Advanced Powder Technology Elsevier
Numerical Analysis Of Agitation Torque And Particle Motion In A High Shear Mixer H. Nakamura, S. Watano, Y. Sato 2008 Powder Technology Elsevier
Numerical Modeling Of Particle Fluidization Behavior In A Rotating Fluidized Bed H. Nakamura, S. Watano 2007 Powder Technology Elsevier