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Numerical investigation of effects of “baffles - deceleration strip” hybrid system on rock avalanches D. Wang, J. Shan, S. He, S. Yan, X. Sun, Y. Bi, Y. Du 2019 Journal of Mountain Science Springer
A parametric study of cohesive particle agglomeration in a shear flow—numerical simulations by the discrete element method A.C. Hoffmann, A.S. Hellesto, B.V. Balakin, M. Ghaffari 2017 Journal of Dispersion Science and Technology Taylor & Francis
Effects of segregation in binary granular mixture avalanches down inclined chutes impinging on defending structures C. Quyang, S. He, X. Li, Y. Bi, Y. Wu 2017 Environmental Earth Sciences Springer
Shot Peening Modeling and Simulation for RCS Assessment A. B. Edward, F. Pietra, P. S. Heyns 2016 Procedia Manufacturing Elsevier
Application of High-performance Computing Technique to Toner Particle Simulation based on Discrete Element Method C. Komori, H. Kawahara, K. Amaya, S. Hemmi, S. Takiguchi 2012 Nihon Reoroji Gakkaishi J-Stage
Simulation of the sliding process of Donghekou landslide triggered by the Wenchuan earthquake using a distinct element method S. He, X. Li, Y. Luo, Y. Wu 2012 Environmental Earth Sciences Springer
Discrete element modeling of debris avalanche impact on retaining walls S. He, X. Li, Y. Luo, Y. Wu 2010 Journal of Mountain Science Springer
Discrete Element Modelling Of Concrete Submitted To Dynamic Loading At High Strain Rates F.-V. Donzé, L. Daudeville, S. Hentz 2004 Computers & Structures Elsevier
Identification And Validation Of A Discrete Element Model For Concrete F.-V. Donzé, L. Daudeville, S. Hentz 2004 Journal of Engineering Mechanics ASCE