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Discrete element modeling on the crack evolution behavior of brittle sandstone containing three fissures under uniaxial compression J. Ji, P.G. Ranjith, S.Yang, Y. Huang, Y. Jiao 2017 Acta Mechanica Springer
Strength failure behavior and crack evolution mechanism of granite containing pre-existing non-coplanar holes: Experimental study and particle flow modeling J. Zhao, P.G. Ranjith, S.Yang, Y. Huang 2017 Computers and Geotechnics Elsevier
CDEM-based analysis of the 3D initiation and propagation of hydrofracturing cracks in heterogeneous glutenites J. Chen, P. Liu, P.G. Ranjith, Y. Ju, Y. Yang 2016 Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering Elsevier
Sand production during the extrusion of hydrocarbons from geological formations: A review E. Yasar, M. S. A. Perera, P.G. Ranjith, S.K. Choi, W. K. G. Perera 2014 Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering Elsevier
Effect of joints on p–y behaviour of laterally loaded piles socketed into mudstone A. Haque, A. Shahinuzzaman, P.G. Ranjith, W.L. Chong 2011 International Journal of Rock Mechanics and Mining Sciences Elsevier