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Theoretical and discrete element simulation studies of aircraft landing impact P. Cao, P. Xue, T. Tang, X. Hou, Y. Wang 2019 Journal of the Brazilian Society of Mechanical Sciences and Engineering Springer
Flexible airbag cushioning for Martian landing based on discrete element method M. Li, P. Cao, X. Hou, X. Rao, Y. Shi, Y. Wang 2019 Advances in Space Research Elsevier
Second‐order cone programming formulation of discontinuous deformation analysis H. Lin, J. Huang, J. Meng, P. Cao, R. Cao, Y. Chen 2018 International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering Wiley
Study of the creeping of irregularly shaped Martian dust particles based on DEM-CFD P. Cao, P. Xue, T. Ding, T. Tang, X. Hou, Yu, Z, Z. Deng 2018 Powder Technology Elsevier
The mechanism of vibrations-aided gravitational flow with overhanging style in hopper C. Pu, C. Qiu, C. Zhang, P. Cao, X. Fan 2018 Powder Technology Elsevier
Mechanical behavior of an opening in a jointed rock-like specimen under uniaxial loading: Experimental studies and particle mechanics approach G. W. Ma, H. Lin, P. Cao, R. H. Cao, X. Fan, X. G. Xiong 2017 Archives of Civil and Mechanical Engineering Elsevier
Effects of discontinuities on penetration of TBM cutters C. Du, J. Liu, P. Cao, Z. Jiang 2017 Journal of Central South University Springer
Mechanical Behavior of Brittle Rock-Like Specimens with Pre-existing Fissures Under Uniaxial Loading: Experimental Studies and Particle Mechanics Approach C. Pu, H. Lin, K. Ou, P. Cao, R. Cao 2017 Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering Springer
Jointed Rock Slopes Stability Analysis Using PFC2D J. Meng, K. Zhang, P. Cao 2013 PROCEEDINGS ASCE
Coupling Continuous and Discontinuous Descriptions to Model First Body Deformation in Third Body Flows F. Dubois, H.-P. Cao, M. Renouf, Y. Berthier 2011 Journal of Tribology ASME