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DEM simulation for separating coated fuel particles by inclined vibrating plate B. Liu, H. Ma, M. Liu, T. Fan, Y. Shao, Y. Zhao 2020 Powder Technology Elsevier
A velocity corrected unresolved CFD-DEM coupled method to reproduce wake effects at moderate Reynolds number K. Walayat, M. Liu, Z. Wang 2019 Engineering Computations Emerald Group Publishing Limited
A semi-resolved CFD–DEM approach for particulate flows with kernel based approximation and Hilbert curve based searching strategy M. Liu, Y. Teng, Z. Wang 2019 Journal of Computational Physics Elsevier
Simulation of agglomerate breakage and restructuring in shear flows: Coupled effects of shear gradient, surface energy and initial structure D. Liu, M. Liu, X. Chen, Z. Wang 2018 Powder Technology Elsevier
Preliminary simulation study of particle coating process by FB-CVD method using a CFD-DEM-PBM model B. Liu, J. Chang, M. Chen, M. Liu, R. Liu, T. Li, Y. Shao, Y. Tang 2017 Nuclear Engineering and Design Elsevier
Why granular media are thermal, and quite normal, after all M. Liu, Y. Jiang 2017 The European Physical Journal E Springer
DEM study of granular discharge rate through a vertical pipe with a bend outlet in small absorber sphere system H. Bo, H. Zhang, M. Liu, T. Li, Y. Dong, Z. Huang 2017 Nuclear Engineering and Design Elsevier
Particle dispersion in a partially filled rotating cylindrical tank C. Yu, M. Liu, S. Chen, Y-P. Chen, Y. Chen 2016 Chemical Engineering Research and Design Elsevier
Computational fluid dynamics–discrete element method analysis of the onset of scour around subsea pipelines K.C.S. Kwok, M. M. Liu, M. Zhao, Y. Zhang 2015 Applied Mathematical Modelling Elsevier
Investigation of fluidization behavior of high density particle in spouted bed using CFD–DEM coupling method B. Liu, M. Liu, R. Liu, Y. Shao, Y. Wen 2015 Powder Technology Elsevier