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Interpretation of coarse effect in simple shear behavior of binary sand-gravel mixture by DEM with authentic particle shape D. Xu, L. Zhang, Z. Tang 2019 Construction and Building Materials Elsevier
Atmospheric humidity and particle charging state on agglomeration of aerosol particles C. W. Yu, H. Luo, K. Fujioka, L. Zhang, T. Okuda, W. Lu, Y. He, Z. Gu 2019 Atmospheric Environment Elsevier
Understanding the varying discharge rates of lognormal particle size distributions from a hopper using the Discrete Element Method J.W. Chew, L. Zhang, S.Yang, Y. Zhao 2019 Powder Technology Elsevier
DEM investigation of the axial dispersion behavior of a binary mixture in the rotating drum J.W. Chew, K. Luo, L. Zhang, S.Yang 2018 Powder Technology Elsevier
PM collection performance of electret filters electrospun with different dielectric materials-a numerical modeling and experimental study A. Bao, L. Zhang, R. Cai 2018 Building and Environment Elsevier
A new multiple-time-step three-dimensional discrete element modeling of aerosol acoustic agglomeration E. Hu, G. Zhang, J. Wang, L. Zhang, Z. Chi 2017 Powder Technology Elsevier
GPU-based discrete element simulation on flow stability of flat-bottomed hopper H. Li, L. Peng, L. Zhang, Q. Zhu, Z. Zou 2017 Chinese Journal of Chemical Engineering Elsevier
Impact of granular segregation on the solid residence time and active-passive exchange in a rotating drum J.W. Chew, L. Zhang, S.Yang, Y. Sun 2017 Chemical Engineering Science Elsevier
Segregation dynamics of a binary-size mixture in a three-dimensional rotating drum J.W. Chew, L. Zhang, S.Yang, Y. Sun 2017 Chemical Engineering Science Elsevier
A Study on Effect of Seepage Direction on Permeability Stress Test C. Zhang, L. Zhang, M. Chen, S. Tu 2017 Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering Springer