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Numerical modelling of a field soil desiccation test using a cohesive fracture model with Voronoi tessellations W. Hu, X. Zhu, Y-L. Gui, Z. Y. Zhao 2019 Acta Geotechnica Springer
Numerical study of the circular opening effect on mechanical behaviour of rock under confinement J.J. Ma, J.L. Shang, Y-L. Gui, Z. Y. Zhao 2019 Journal of Rock Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering CSRME
Effects of Aggregate Mesostructure on Permanent Deformation of Asphalt Mixture Using Three-Dimensional Discrete Element Modeling D. Zhang, J. Zhu, L. Gu 2019 Materials 2019 MDPI
Investigating the Functions of Particles in Packed Aggregate Blend using a Discrete Element Method L. Guo, L. Wang, W. Yu, Y. Hou, Y. Miao 2019 Materials 2019 MDPI
Three-dimensional numerical study on flow dynamics characteristics in supercritical water fluidized bed with consideration of real particle size distribution by computational particle fluid dynamics method C. Cao, G. Ou, H. Jin, L. Guo, Z. Wu 2018 Advances in Mechanical Engineering Sage
Impact velocity-dependent restitution coefficient using a coupled Eulerian fluid phase-Eulerian solid phase-Lagrangian discrete particles phase model in gas-monodisperse particles internally circulating fluidized bed L. Guodong, L. Huilin, T. Ming, W. Quijing, W. Shuyan, Z. Quinhong 2018 International Journal of Multiphase Flow Elsevier
Numerical Simulation of P-Wave Propagation in Rock Mass with Granular Material-Filled Fractures Using Hybrid Continuum-Discrete Element Method H. Y. Zhou, W. Wu, Y-L. Gui, Z. Y. Zhao 2017 Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering Springer
The Modal Analysis and Simulation of Gramineae-Leguminous Mixed Seeding Based on EDEM D. Wang, G. Wang, L. Guo, S. Li, X. Zhang, Y. Yu 2017 2015 ASABE Annual International Meeting American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers
A complete methodology for the mechanical diagnosis of statue provided by innovative uses of 3D model. Application to the imperial marble statue of Alba-la-Romaine (France) A. Pamart, E. Gattet, F. Cherblanc, L. Gugi, M. Bagneris, N. Nony, P. Bromblet, V. Mercurio 2017 Journal of Cultural Heritage Elsevier
Numerical investigation of the opening effect on the mechanical behaviours in rocks under uniaxial loading using hybrid continuum-discrete element method C. Zhang, S. Q. Ma, Y-L. Gui, Z. Y. Zhao 2017 Computers and Geotechnics Elsevier