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Analysis of the failure process by using the Lattice Discrete Element Method in the Abaqus environment G.S. da Silva, I. Iturrioz, L. E. Kosteski 2020 Theoretical and Applied Fracture Mechanics Elsevier
Random field generation of the material properties in the lattice discrete element method L. E. Kosteski, V.B. Puglia 2019 The Journal of Strain Analysis for Engineering Design Sage
The size effect in quasi-brittle materials: Experimental and numerical analysis A.B. Colpo, I. Iturrioz, L. E. Kosteski 2016 International Journal of Damage Mechanics Sage
A lattice discrete element method to model the falling-weight impact test of PMMA specimens A. P. Cisilino, I. Iturrioz, L. E. Kosteski, L. Fasce, P. Frontini, R. Barrios D'ambra, V. Pettarin 2015 International Journal of Impact Engineering Elsevier
Assessment of empirical formulas for prediction of the effects of projectile impact on concrete structures I. Iturrioz, J. D. Riera, L. E. Kosteski, R. K. Singh, T. Kant 2015 Fatigue & Fracture of Engineering Materials & Structures Wiley
Model for Vickers microhardness prediction applied to SnO2 and TiO2 in the normal and high pressure phases B. Uberti, J. C. Mino, L. E. Kosteski, M. A. Caravaca, R. A. Casali, R. B. D’Ambra 2014 Journal of the European Ceramic Society ECERS