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Numerical investigation of pulsed fluidized bed using CFD-DEM: Insights on the dynamics C.L. Wuc, D.G. de Oliviera, K. Nandakumar 2020 Powder Technology Elsevier
Effective Geometric Algorithms for Immersed Boundary Method Using Signed Distance Field C. Wu, C. Zhang, K. Nandakumar 2019 Journal of Fluids Engineering ASME
Study of granular self-organization inside a cylinder driven by an orbital-shaker using discrete element method C. Wu, J. B. Joshi, J. Yu, K. Nandakumar, M. Tyagi, S. Ghosh, Y. Li 2019 Chemical Engineering Science Elsevier
Controlling the Flow Structure in Fluidized Bed: A CFD-DEM Approach C.L. Wu, D. G. de Oliveira, J. B. Joshi, K. Nandakumar, O. O. Ayeni 2017 Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Discrete Element Methods Springer
Spatially resolved mass transfer coefficient for moderate Reynolds number flows in packed beds: Wall effects A.S. Berrouk, J. Joshi, K. Nandakumar, M. Sathe, O. Ayeni, S. Bale 2017 International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow Elsevier
Development and validation of a new drag law using mechanical energy balance approach for DEM–CFD simulation of gas–solid fluidized bed C.L. Wu, J. B. Joshi, K. Nandakumar, O. O. Ayeni 2016 Chemical Engineering Journal Elsevier
Discrete particle modeling of granular Rayleigh-Taylor instability A.S. Berrouk, C.L. Wu, K. Nandakumar, Z.Y. Yu 2015 International Journal of Multiphase Flow Elsevier
A discrete element method study of granular segregation in non-circular rotating drums C.L. Wu, J. B. Joshi, K. Nandakumar, O. O. Ayeni 2015 Powder Technology Elsevier
Parallel Algorithms for CFD-DEM modeling of dense particulate Flows A.S. Berrouk, C.L. Wu, K. Nandakumar, O. Ayeni 2014 Chemical Engineering Science Elsevier
Enforcing mass conservation in DPM-CFD models of dense particulate flows A.S. Berrouk, C.L. Wu, H. Kruggel-Emden, K. Nandakumar 2011 Chemical Engineering Science Elsevier