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Experimental study and DEM modelling of bolted composite lap joints subjected to tension B. Yang, J. Xie, J. Ye, M. Yu, Y. Chi 2020 Composites Part B: Engineering Elsevier
Failure analysis of fiber-reinforced composites subjected to coupled thermo-mechanical loading B. Huang, F. Jia, J. Ye, M. Saafi, Y. Wang, Z. Li 2019 Composite Structures Elsevier
DEM Algorithm for Progressive Collapse Simulation of Single-Layer Reticulated Domes under Multi-Support Excitation J. Ye, L. Xu 2019 Journal of Earthquake Engineering Taylor & Francis
An adaptively coupled DEM–FEM algorithm for geometrical large deformation analysis of member structures J. Ye, Q. Xu 2019 Computational Particle Mechanics Springer
Discrete Element Analysis of Indirect Tensile Fatigue Test of Asphalt Mixture J. Ye, X. Li, X. Liu, X. Lv 2019 Applied Sciences MDPI
Multi-well synchronous hydraulic conformance fracturing technology used for deep coal beds and its field application in the Southern Qinshui Basin☆☆☆ J. Ye, J. Zhang, R. Xia, Z. Li, Z.Yang 2018 Natural Gas Industry B Elsevier
Member Discrete Element Method for Static and Dynamic Responses Analysis of Steel Frames with Semi-Rigid Joints J. Ye, L. Xu 2017 Applied Sciences MDPI
A DEM model for visualising damage evolution and predicting failure envelope of composite laminae under biaxial loads D. Yang, J. Ye, Y. Ismail 2016 Composites Part B: Engineering Elsevier
Discrete element method for generating random fibre distributions in micromechanical models of fibre reinforced composite laminates D. Yang, J. Ye, Y. Ismail 2016 Composites Part B: Engineering Elsevier
Discrete element modelling of unidirectional fibre-reinforced polymers under transverse tension D. Yang, J. Ye, Y. Ismail, Y. Sheng 2015 Composites Part B: Engineering Elsevier