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Parameters of a discrete element ballasted bed model based on a response surface method G. Liu, H. Liu, J. Dai, J. Liu, J. Xiao, P. Wang 2019 Journal of Zhejiang University - Science A Springer
Shakedown behaviors of railway ballast under cyclic loading D. Zhang, J. Xiao, K. Wei, Z. Luo 2017 Construction and Building Materials Elsevier
Discrete element modeling of a mining-induced rock slide J. J. Zhao, J. Xiao, M. Lee Lee, Y. Ma 2017 SpringerPlus Springer
CFD–DEM modeling of gas–solid flow and catalytic MTO reaction in a fluidized bed reactor J. Xiao, X-M. Chen, Y-Q. Zhuang, Z-H. Luo 2014 Computers and Chemical Engineering Elsevier
Characteristics and efficiency of a new vibrating screen with a swing trace J. Xiao, X. Tong 2013 Particuology Elsevier
Particle stratification and penetration of a linear vibrating screen by the discrete element method J. Xiao, X. Tong 2012 International Journal of Mining Science and Technology Elsevier
Influence Of Geometrical Distribution Of Rock Joints On Deformational Behavior Of Underground Opening B. Li, J. Xiao, Y. Jiang, Y. Tanabashi 2006 Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology Elsevier