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Study on the effect of particle morphology on single particle breakage using a combined finite-discrete element method A. Zhang, B. Zhou, D. Wei, J. Wang, Q. Ku 2020 Computers and Geotechnics Elsevier
Contrastive study on the granular avalanche dynamic process using the depth-integrated continuum and discrete element methods F. Wu, J. Chen, J. Wang, Y. Fan 2020 Bulletin of Engineering Geology and the Environment Springer
Stress wave in monosized bead string with various water contents C. Xiu, J. Wang, Q. Jiang, X. Chu 2020 Advanced Powder Technology Elsevier
The behaviors of particle-wall collision for non-spherical particles: Experimental investigation G. Yue, H. Yang, J. Wang, L. Feng, M. Zhang, Y. Wu 2020 Powder Technology Elsevier
Face Stability Analysis of EPB Shield Tunnels in Dry Granular Soils Considering Dynamic Excavation Process C. He, G. Xu, J. Wang 2019 Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering ASCE
DEM Simulation of Creep in One-Dimensional Compression of Crushable Sand C. Y. Kwok, J. Wang, S. Liu 2019 Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering ASCE
Progress on design and related R&D activities for the water-cooled breeder blanket for CFETR C. Peng, H. Bao, J. Wang, K. Huang, K. Jiang, L. Chen, M. Li, P. Lu, S. Liu, W. Wang, X. Cheng, X. Li, X. Ma 2019 Theoretical and Applied Mechanics Letters Elsevier
A coupled 3D isogeometric and discrete element approach for modeling interactions between structures and granular matters J. Wang, S. Yin, W. Gao, Y.T. Feng 2019 Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering Elsevier
Analysis and intensification of the thermal performance in packed beds based on simulation and experiment J. Wang, X. Ma, Z. Cui 2019 Chemical Engineering and Processing: Process Intensification Elsevier
Investigation of movement and damage of integral overburden during shallow coal seam mining J. Wang, J. Zuo, M. Karakus, Y. Sun 2019 International Journal of Rock Mechanics and Minig Sciences Elsevier