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Numerical investigation of fluid-driven crack propagation and coalescence in granite specimen with two pre-existing flaws G. Liu, J. Peng, Y. Yang, Z. Wang, Z. Zhang 2020 Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering Elsevier
Coupled flow network and discrete element modeling of injection-induced crack propagation and coalescence in brittle rock G. Liu, J. Peng, M. Huang, S.M. Lowinger, W. Sun, Z. Zhang 2019 Acta Geotechnica Springer
A re-examination of slenderness ratio effect on rock strength: Insights from DEM grain-based modelling C. I. Teh, J. Peng, L. N. Y. Wong 2019 Engineering Geology Elsevier
Numerical investigation of mineralogical composition effect on strength and micro-cracking behavior of crystalline rocks C. Ing Teh, J. Peng, L. Ngai Yuen Wong 2018 Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering Elsevier
Effects of grain size-to-particle size ratio on micro-cracking behavior using a bonded-particle grain-based model C. I. Teh, J. Peng, L. N. Yuen Wong 2017 International Journal of Rock Mechanics and Mining Sciences Elsevier
Dimensions and Brittleness Effect on the Size of Process Zone in Rock-like Material Characterized by Bonded Particle Model A. Tarokh, C. Li, J. Peng 2017 Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Discrete Element Methods Springer
Numerical simulation on undrained triaxial behavior of saturated soil by a fluid coupled-DEM model C. Zhou, G. Liu, G. Rong, J. Peng 2015 Engineering Geology Elsevier
A Study of High Slope Stability of Yangfanggou Dam Site G. Ronga, J. Peng, X. Fang 2012 Procedia Engineering Elsevier