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Modelling the wear evolution of a single alumina abrasive grain: Analyzing the influence of crystalline structure I. Iordanoff, I. Pombo, J. Girardot, J.A. Sanchez, L. Godino 2019 Journal of Materials Processing Technology Elsevier
Multiscale Modeling of Complex Dynamic Problems: An Overview and Recent Developments F.Dau, I. Iordanoff, J. Charles, M.Jebahi 2017 Archives of Computational Methods in Engineering Springer
Numerical investigations on a yarn structure at the microscale towards scale transition F.Dau, I. Iordanoff, J. Giradot, P. del Sorbo 2017 Composite Structures Elsevier
Discrete-element modelling of the grinding contact length combining the wheel-body structure and the surface-topography models I. Iordanoff, J. L. Charles, J.A. Sanchez, J.L. Osa, N. Ortega 2016 International Journal of Machine Tools and Manufacture Elsevier
Modeling damages and cracks growth in composite with a 3D discrete element method B. D. Le, F.Dau, I. Iordanoff, J. L. Charles 2016 Composites Part B: Engineering Elsevier
Influence of muscle-tendon complex geometrical parameters on modeling passive stretch behavior with the Discrete Element Method A. Roux, I. Iordanoff, J. Lecompte, L.-L. Gras, S. Laporte 2015 Journal of Biomechanics Elsevier
A promising way to model cracks in composite using Discrete Element Method D. André, F.Dau, I. Iordanoff, J. L. Charles, L. Maheo 2015 Composites Part B: Engineering Elsevier
Tensile response of the muscle–tendon complex using discrete element model A. Roux, I. Iordanoff, J. Lecompte, L.-L. Gras, S. Laporte 2014 Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering Taylor & Francis
The GranOO workbench, a new tool for developing discrete element simulations, and its application to tribological problems D. André, I. Iordanoff, J. L. Charles, J. Néauport 2014 Advances in Engineering Software Elsevier
Using the discrete element method to simulate brittle fracture in the indentation of a silica glass with a blunt indenter D. André, I. Iordanoff, J. L. Charles, J. Néauport, M.Jebahi 2013 Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering Elsevier