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Quantitative prediction of discrete element models on complex loading paths F. Darve, L. Sibille, P. Villard, R. A. Hosn 2019 International Journal for Numerical and Analytical Methods in Geomechanics Wiley
A micromechanical investigation for the effects of pore size and its distribution on geopolymer foam concrete under uniaxial compression F. Darve, G. D. Nguyen, H. H. Bui, M. U. Kreher, T. D. Ngo, T. T. Nguyen 2019 Engineering Fracture Mechanics Elsevier
A discrete element modelling approach for fatigue damage growth in cemented materials F. Darve, H. H. Bui, J. Kodikara, N. H. T. Nguyen, S. Arooran 2018 International Journal of Plasticity Elsevier
Meso-structure evolution in a 2D granular material during biaxial loading F. Darve, F. Nicot, H. Zhu 2017 Granular Matter Springer
Failure in granular media from an energy viewpoint F. Darve, F. Nicot, L. Sibille, N. Hadda, R. Wan 2017 Granular Matter Springer
The micromechanical nature of stresses in triphasic granular media with interfaces F. Darve, J. Duriez, M. Eghbalian, R. Wan 2016 Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids Elsevier
On a common critical state in localized and diffuse failure modes F. Darve, F. Nicot, H. N. G. Nguyen, H. Zhu 2016 Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids Elsevier
Pore-scale simulations of drainage in granular materials: finite size effects and the representative elementary volume B. Chareyre, C. Yuan, F. Darve 2015 Advances in Water Resources Elsevier
Microstructural self-organization in granular materials during failure F. Darve, F. Nicot, N. Hadda, R. Wan 2015 Comptes Rendus Mécanique Elsevier
Some micromechanical aspects of failure in granular materials based on second-order work F. Darve, F. Nicot, F. Radjai, L. Sibille, N. Hadda, P.-Y. Hicher 2014 Comptes Rendus Mécanique Elsevier