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Discrete element method-based prediction of areas prone to buried hill-controlled earth fissures C. Liu, D. Zhang, G. Wang, Y. Liu, Y. Zhang 2019 Journal of Zhejiang University - Science A Springer
Fluid-solid interaction simulation for particles and walls of arbitrary polygonal shapes with a coupled LBM-IMB-DEM method D. Zhang, F. Wang, S. Gu, X. Gao, X. Li 2019 Powder Technology Elsevier
Microscale investigation into mechanical behaviors of heat-bonded nonwoven geotextile using DEM A. Zhou, D. Zhang, H. Chen, J. Chen, S. Feng, X. Liu 2019 Geotextiles and Geomembranes Elsevier
Numerical analysis of the dynamic evolution of mining-induced stresses and fractures in multilayered rock strata using continuum-based discrete element methods C. Su, D. Zhang, Y. Ju, Y. Wang, Z. Ren 2019 International Journal of Rock Mechanics and Mining Sciences Elsevier
DEM-CFD coupling simulation and optimization of an inside-filling air-blowing maize precision seed-metering device D. Han, D. Zhang, H. Jing, L. Yang, T. Cui, T. Zhang, Y. Ding, Y. Wang, Z. Wang 2018 Computer and Electronics in Agriculture Elsevier
Simulation of wheel tracking test for asphalt mixture using discrete element modelling D. Zhang, S. Wang, T. Ma, X. Huang, Y. Zhang 2018 Road Materials and Pavement Design Taylor & Francis
Effects by property homogeneity of aggregate skeleton on creep performance of asphalt concrete D. Zhang, T. Ma, T. Yin, W. Zhang, X. Ding 2018 Construction and Building Materials Elsevier
Mechanochemical destruction of DDTs with Fe-Zn bimetal in a high-energy planetary ball mill D. Zhang, H. Li, H. Sui, J. Song, P. Wu, Y. Huang, Y. Rong, Y. Shen 2017 Journal of Hazardous Materials Elsevier
Shakedown behaviors of railway ballast under cyclic loading D. Zhang, J. Xiao, K. Wei, Z. Luo 2017 Construction and Building Materials Elsevier
High-temperature creep behavior characterization of asphalt mixture based on micromechanical modeling and virtual test D. Zhang, T. Ma, X. Huang, Y. Zhao 2017 Journal of Wuhan University of Technology Springer