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Compaction Models A. C. F. Cocks, D. T. Gethin, H.-Å. Häggblad, O. Coube, T. Kraft 2007 Engineering Materials and Processes Springer
A Two Dimensional Combined Discrete And Finite Element Scheme For Simulating The Flow And Compaction Of Systems Comprising Irregular Particulates D. T. Gethin, R.W. Lewis, X.-S. Yang 2006 Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics Elsevier
Numerical comparison of a deformable discrete element model and an equivalent continuum analysis for the compaction of ductile porous material A.J.L. Crook, D. T. Gethin, M. Dutko, R.S. Ransing, R.W. Lewis 2001 Computers & Structures Elsevier