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Slit structures: Fundamental mechanisms of mechanical trapping of granular flows C.E. Choi, G. R. Goodwin 2019 Computers and Geotechnics Elsevier
Numerical study of granular debris flow run-up against slit dams by discrete element method C. Jiang, C.E. Choi, D. Song, G. G. D. Zhou, H.S. Hu, J. Du 2019 Landslides Springer
Effects of particle size of mono-disperse granular flows impacting a rigid barrier C. W. W. Ng, C.E. Choi, L.H.D. Liu, Y. Cui 2018 Natural Hazards Springer
Interaction between dry granular flow and deflectors C. W. W. Ng, C.E. Choi, G. R. Goodwin, W. W. Cheung 2017 Landslides Springer
Performance of landslide debris-resisting baffles C.E. Choi, R.P.H. Law 2015 HKIE Transactions Taylor & Francis
Effects of Baffle Transverse Blockage on Landslide Debris Impedance C.E. Choia, C.W.W. Nga, H.Y.K. Shiub, J.S.H. Kwanb, K.K.S. Hob, R.C.H. Koob 2014 Procedia Earth and Planetary Science Elsevier
Longitudinal spreading of granular flow in trapezoidal channels C. W. W. Ng, C.E. Choi, R.P.H. Law 2013 Geomorphology Elsevier