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Calibration for discrete element modelling of railway ballast: A review C. Zhao, G. Jing, V. Markine, W. Zhai, Y. Guo 2020 Transportation Geotechnics Elsevier
Coupled discrete-continuum approach for railway ballast track and subgrade macro-meso analysis C. Shi, C. Zhao, X. Zhang, Y. Guo 2020 International Journal of Pavement Engineering Taylor & Francis
Analysis on dynamic performance of different track transition forms using the discrete element/finite difference hybrid method A. Andersson, C. Shi, C. Zhao, X. Zhang 2020 Computers & Structures Elsevier
Capillary bridges between spherical particles under suction control: Rupture distances and capillary forces C. Zhao, N.P. Kruyt, O. Millet 2019 Powder Technology Elsevier
The contact detection for heart-shaped particles C. Li, C. Zhao, P. Zhang, Y. Peng 2019 Powder Technology Elsevier
Importance of load frequency in applying cyclic loads to investigate ballast deformation under high-speed train loads C. Zhao, W. Zhai, X. Zhang 2019 Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering Elsevier
Micro-Mechanism of Spherical Gypsum Particle Breakage under Ball–Plane Contact Condition C. Zhao, J. Zhou, L. Li, M. Jia, S. Yu 2019 Applied Sciences MDPI
Analysis of Wet Soil Granular Flow down Inclined Chutes Using Discrete Element Method C. Zhao, L. Jiang, X. Lu, X. Xiao 2019 Water MDPI
Crack propagation simulation of rock-like specimen using strain criterion C. Bao, C. Ma, C. Zhao, S. Du 2018 European Journal of Environmental and Civil Engineering Taylor & Francis
Suitable rolling resistance model for quasi-static shear tests of non-spherical particles via discrete element method C. Li, C. Zhao, L. Hu, Y. Luo 2018 Granular Matter Springer