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Numerical Simulation of Broken Coal Strength Influence on Compaction Characteristics in Goaf C. Zhang, J. Liu, P. Han L. Zhang, Y. Zhao 2020 Natural Resources Research Springer
Influence of amygdale on crack evolution and failure behavior of basalt C. Zhang, G. Cui, H. Zhou, Y. Gao, Y.Pan, Z. Liu 2020 Engineering Fracture Mechanics Elsevier
Effective Geometric Algorithms for Immersed Boundary Method Using Signed Distance Field C. Wu, C. Zhang, K. Nandakumar 2019 Journal of Fluids Engineering ASME
A coupled Particle-In-Cell (PIC)-Discrete Element Method (DEM) solver for fluid–solid mixture flow simulations C. Zhang, D. Ning, J. Zang, Q. Chen 2019 Journal of Fluids and Structures Elsevier
Discrete Element Numerical Simulation Method for Permeability Stress Sensitivity of Persistent Fractured Coal Samples C. Zhang, L. Zhang, Z. Ren 2019 Geotechnical and Geological Engineering Springer
Deformation and failure characteristics and fracture evolution of cryptocrystalline basalt C. Zhang and C. Zhang, H. Zhou, Y. Gao, Z. Chang, Z. Liu 2019 Journal of Rock Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering CSRME
Numerical modelling of strength and energy release characteristics of pillar-scale coal mass B. Hebblewhite, C. Zhang, I. Canbulat, O. Vardar 2019 Journal of Rock Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering CSRME
Discrete element method model of electromagnetic particle damper with a ferromagnetic end cover C. Zhang, H. Liu, K. Zhang, T. Chen, Z. Zhao 2019 Journal of Sound and Vibration Elsevier
The mechanism of vibrations-aided gravitational flow with overhanging style in hopper C. Pu, C. Qiu, C. Zhang, P. Cao, X. Fan 2018 Powder Technology Elsevier
A Study on Effect of Seepage Direction on Permeability Stress Test C. Zhang, L. Zhang, M. Chen, S. Tu 2017 Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering Springer