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Mechanical behaviors of the brittle rock-like specimens with multi-non-persistent joints under uniaxial compression C. Bo, C. Huang, K. Duan, L. Fang, L. Wang, W. Yang 2019 Construction and Building Materials Elsevier
An Efficient RIGID Algorithm and Its Application to the Simulation of Particle Transport in Porous Medium C. Chen, C. Huang, J. Su, X. Xu, Z. Gu 2017 Transport in Porous Media Springer
Evolution of the surface deformation profile and subsurface distortion zone during reverse faulting through overburden sand C. J. Lee, M.-L. Lin, W-C. Huang, W. J. Huang, W. Y. Hung, Y. Y. Chang, Y.-H. Chen 2015 Engineering Geology Elsevier
Simulation of growth normal fault sandbox tests using the 2D discrete element method H-C. Liu, M.-L. Lin, P-C. Chan, S-S. Chu, W-C. Huang, W-T. Nien 2015 Computers & Geosciences Elsevier
A Granular Dynamic Method For Modelling The Egress Pattern At An Exit H.C. Huang, J. Liang, K.K. Yuen, P. Lin, S.M. Lo 2007 Fire Safety Journal Elsevier