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Construction of poly-ellipsoidal grain shapes from SMT imaging on sand, and the development of a new DEM contact detection algorithm A. Druckrey, B. Zhang, K. Alshibli, R. Regueiro 2018 Engineering Computations Emerald Group Publishing Limited
Grain-Based Discrete Element Method (GB-DEM) Modelling of Multi-scale Fracturing in Rocks Under Dynamic Loading H. B. Li, J. Zhao, W.B. Zhang, X.D. Li 2018 Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering Springer
Dynamic tensile behaviours of heterogeneous rocks: The grain scale fracturing characteristics on strength and fragmentation H. B. Li, J. Zhao, Q-B. Zhang, X. F. Li, X. Li 2018 International Journal of Impact Engineering Elsevier
Technology of double casing tubes & a binary cycle system for hole cleaning for CBM multi-branch horizontal wells B. Zhang, F. Wang, J. Shen, S. Cui, S. Liu, Y. Ni, Y. Yang 2017 Natural Gas Industry B Elsevier
Simulation of grain segregation under horizontal rotational oscillations X. Ma, X. Zheng, Y. B. Zhang, Y. Liu 2017 Granular Matter Springer
Combined spheropolyhedral discrete element (DE)–finite element (FE) computational modeling of vertical plate loading on cohesionless soil B. Zhang, C. T. Senseney, R. Regueiro, Z. Duan 2017 Acta Geotechnica Springer
Modelling the dynamic failure of brittle rocks using a hybrid continuum-discrete element method with a mixed-mode cohesive fracture model H. H. Bui, J. Kodikara, J. Zhao, Q-B. Zhang, T. Rabczuk, Y-L. Gui 2015 International Journal of Impact Engineering Elsevier
On large deformation granular strain measures for generating stress–strain relations based upon three-dimensional discrete element simulations B. Zhang, R. A. Regueiro 2015 International Journal of Solids and Structures Elsevier
Numerical study on sedimentation behavior of solid particles used as simulant fuel debris B. Zhang, F. Fuke, H. Tagami, K. Morita, M. Shamsuzzaman, T. Horie, T. Matsumoto, T. Suzuki, Y. Tobita 2014 Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology Taylor & Francis
Lattice Boltzmann based discrete simulation for gas–solid fluidization B. Zhang, J. Li, L. Wang, W. Ge, X. Wang 2013 Chemical Engineering Science Elsevier