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DEM simulation of dense granuar ows in a vane shear cell: Kinematics and rheological laws B. Peters, F. Qi, M. Jenny, S.K. de Richter 2020 Powder Technology Elsevier
Comparing broad-phase interaction detection algorithms for multiphysics DEM applications A. Rousset, A.W.M. Checkaraou, B. Peters, S. Varrette, X. Besseron, Y. Liao 2019 AIP Conference Proceedings American Institute of Physics
Application of a dual-grid multiscale CFD-DEM coupling method to model the raceway dynamics in packed bed reactors B. Peters, E.R. Santana, G. Pozzetti 2019 Chemical Engineering Science Elsevier
Biomass drying in a vibrating fluidized bed dryer with a Lagrangian-Eulerian approach A. Kolomijtschuk, B. Peters, M. Demoulling, M. Mohseni 2019 International Journal of Thermal Sciences Elsevier
XDEM multi-physics and multi-scale simulation technology: Review of DEM–CFD coupling, methodology and engineering applications A. Estupinan, B. Peters, D.M. Mohseni, G. Pozzetti, M. Baniasadi, X. Besseron 2019 Particuology Elsevier
A co-located partitions strategy for parallel CFD–DEM couplings A. Rousset, B. Peters, G. Pozzetti, X. Bess 2019 Advanced Powder Technology Elsevier
Experimental and numerical investigation into the softening Behavior of a packed bed of iron ore pellets B. Peters, B. Vanderheyden, J. C. Pierret, M. Banisadi, O. Ansseau 2018 Powder Technology Elsevier
Resolved Numerical Analysis of Drying on a Vibrating Grate B. Peters, M. Demouling, M. Mohseni, T. Klas 2018 Computer Aided Chemical Engineering Elsevier
Preliminary Investigation on the Capability of eXtended Discrete Element Method for Treating the Dripping Zone of a Blast Furnace B. Peters, M. Baniasadi 2018 ISIJ International J-Stage
A numerical approach for the evaluation of particle-induced erosion in an abrasive waterjet focusing tube B. Peters, G. Pozzetti 2018 Powder Technology Elsevier