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Calibration and Verification of Dynamic Particle Flow Parameters by the Back-Propagation Neural Network Based on the Genetic Algorithm: Recycled Polyurethane Powder B. Pan, D. Zhu, J. Liu, P. He, Y. Fan, Y. Zhu 2019 Materials 2019 MDPI
A Discrete Macro-Element Method (DMEM) for the nonlinear structural assessment of masonry arches B. Pantò, F. Cannizzaro, I. Caliò, S. Caddemi 2018 Engineering Structures Elsevier
3D macro-element modelling approach for seismic assessment of historical masonry churches B. Pantò, F. Cannizzaro, I. Caliò, S. Caddemi 2016 Advances in Engineering Software Elsevier
A new discrete element model for the evaluation of the seismic behaviour of unreinforced masonry buildings B. Pantò, I. Caliò, M. Marletta 2012 Engineering Structures Elsevier