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Modular‐Based Simulation of Single Process Units M. Dosta 2019 Chemical & Engineering Technology Wiley
Flow dynamic in a packed bed filled with Ni‐Al2O3 porous catalyst: Experimental and numerical approach D. Pashchenko 2019 AIChE Journal Wiley
Stability of supported geomembrane tube flood barriers of novel design L. Sun, N. Zhang, W. Guo, X. Gao, Y. Qi 2019 Flood Risk Management Wiley
Experimental measurement of the bullet trajectory after perforation of a chambered window A. Pludra, M. Prybylski, P.W. Sielicki 2019 International Journal of Applied Glass Science Wiley
Integrating Thermal‐Concentration Smoothed Profile with Lattice Boltzmann Methods for simulating sedimentation of non‐isothermal circular particles A.S. Goharrizi, E.J. Javaran, R. Safa, S. Jafari 2019 International Journal for Numerical Methods in Fluids Wiley
Modeling and Validating Fixed‐Bed Reactors: A State‐of‐the‐Art Review C. Stegehake, J. Riese, M. Grunewald 2019 ChemBioEng Reviews Wiley
Role of Intrinsic Dipoles in the Evaporation‐Driven Assembly of Perovskite Nanocubes into Energy‐Harvesting Composites D. Zablotsky, E. Kotomin, V. Kuzovkov 2019 Applications and Materials Science Wiley
Numerically obtained vortices in granular media D. Kolymbas, I. Bathaeian 2019 International Journal for Numerical and Analytical Methods in Geomechanics Wiley
Numerical study of the interfaces of 3D‐printed concrete using discrete element method F.P. ALvarez-Rabanal, J.J. del Coz Diaz, M. Alonso-Martinez, P. Valle-Pello 2019 Materials Science & Engineering Technology Wiley
Experimental Methods in Chemical Engineering: Discrete Element Method—DEM B. Blais, D. Vidal, F. Bertrand, G.S. Patience, J. Chaouki 2019 The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering Elsevier