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Study on the mechanical behaviors and elastic modulus of mixed fusion pebble beds B. Jia, S. Zhang, X. Wang, Y. Li 2017 Fusion Engineering and Design Elsevier
Elastic properties of particle-reinforced composites containing nonspherical particles of high packing density and interphase: DEM–FEM simulation and micromechanical theory B. Xu, F. Guo, W. Xu 2017 Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering Elsevier
Numerical simulation of rock failure under static and dynamic loading by splitting test of circular ring D. Li, F. Feng, X. Li 2017 Engineering Fracture Mechanics Elsevier
Fracture evolution and failure behaviour of marble specimens containing rectangular cavities under uniaxial loading L. Tan, W. Cao, X. Cai, Z. Zhou 2017 Engineering Fracture Mechanics Elsevier
Numerical simulation for sediment transport using MPS-DEM coupling model A. Khayyer, E. Harada, H. Gotoh, H. Ikari 2017 Advances in Water Resources Elsevier
Hydrogen production by biomass gasification in a supercritical water fluidized bed reactor: A CFD-DEM study L. Zhao, Y. Lu 2017 The Journal of Supercritical Fluids Elsevier
Seepage simulation using pipe network flow model in a discrete element system Q. Dong, Y. Chen, Y. Wang 2017 Computers and Geotechnics Elsevier
Gas-liquid-Solid Three-phase Simulation on CO2 Seeping through Marine Sediment T. Sato, Y. Kano 2017 Energy Procedia Elsevier
Cavity prediction in sand mould production applying the DISAMATIC process☆ E. Hovad, J. H. Hattel, J. H. Walther, J. Spanggenberg, J. Thorborg, P. Larsen 2017 Powder Technology Elsevier
Assessing the capability of continuum and discrete particle methods to simulate gas-solids flow using DNS predictions as a benchmark L. Lu, L. Wang, S. Benyahia, T. Li, W. Ge, X. Liu 2017 Powder Technology Elsevier
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