Visualization of cracks by using the local Voronoi decompositions and distributed software

A. Kańćeniauskas, D. Markauskas, R. Pacevic
Advances in Engineering Software
Discrete element method, Distributed visualization, Local Voronoi decomposition, Mono-dispersed particles, Propagating cracks, Surface extraction

The paper presents a novel visualization technique for cracks propagating in mono-dispersed particulate material. The proposed technique is based on local space decompositions generated in fractured areas. The contact surfaces of the neighboring particles are defined by the local Voronoi decomposition generated according to the lattice topology employed in computations of the discrete element method. The visual model validation helps to indicate the regions of a highly deformed lattice, where the defects detected between the pairs of the neighboring particles on the lattice connections cannot be directly mapped onto the relevant edges of the Voronoi diagram. The parallel implementation of the visualization technique is based on the domain decomposition and two layers of ghost vertices and connections. The technique is implemented in the distributed visualization software VisPartDEM. Datasets of the elastic solid problem exhibiting non-uniform distribution of fracture force values are considered to validate the performance of the proposed technique. The parallel speed-up of the visualization software is investigated. The superior performance of the applied local technique is compared to the performance observed by using the standard global Voronoi algorithm.

Keywords: Distributed visualization, Surface extraction, Propagating cracks, Discrete element method, Mono-dispersed particles, Local Voronoi decomposition

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