Validation of DEM modeling of sintering using an in situ X-ray microtomography analysis of the sintering of NaCl powder

A. Bonnin, H. Palancher, J. Fortin, J. Lechelle, K. Saleh, M. Guessasma, S. Martin, S. Navarro
Computational Particle Mechanics
NaCl powder, Sintering, synchrotron X-ray microtomography

This paper aims to validate the discrete element method (DEM) model of sintering. In situ X-ray microtomography experiments have been carried out at the ESRF to follow the sintering of NaCl powder, the properties of which are close to the DEM model assumptions.

DEM simulations are then run using an improved implicit method. The comparison between experiment and simulation shows the capability of DEM to predict the behavior of the sample on both particle and packing scale. The main advantages and limits of this approach are finally discussed based on these results and those of previous studies.

Keywords: sintering, synchrotron X-ray microtomography, NaCl powder.

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