The prediction of wear on a scraper conveyor chute affected by different factors based on the discrete element method

B. Li, R. Xia, X. Wang, X. Wei, Z.Yang
Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers
bulk coal, chute, Discrete element method, Scraper conveyor, Wear

During long-term operation, the scraper conveyor chute is seriously attrited by the friction of coal, gangue, and scraper chain. In this study, the discrete element method was applied to establish the bulk coal–scraper conveyor interaction analysis model to predict the wear of a scraper conveyor chute during the transporting process. The wear of the chute was investigated under various working conditions and bulk coal characteristics. Results indicated that the chute wear has a negative correlation with the laying angle of the scraper conveyor and increased with the chain speed. The wear was more severe as the increasing of gangue content, hardness, and size of the coal particles. In addition, the wear degree in different sections on the chute was predicted. Results showed that the section near the coal falling point underwent more intense collisions and impact and, thus, the wear was more serious at this location. The wear loss decreased with the increasing distance away from this point. This research can be used for predicting the wear of a scraper conveyor working under different mines. What’s more, the wear-resistant treatment can be applied on the particular areas according to the mine conditions based on this study.

Keywords: Scraper conveyor, chute, discrete element method, wear, bulk coal

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