Study on Reliability of Shearer Permanent Magnet Semi-Direct Drive Gear Transmission System

J. Chen, L. Sheng, M. Li, S. Jiang, W. Li
International Journal of Fatigue
gear dynamic reliability, Gear transmission system in a shearer, load spectrum, nonlinear damage accumulation, Nonlinear Dynamics

The permanent magnet semi-direct drive cutting transmission system of shearer is taken as the research object, the non-linear dynamic model of the system is established and the Runge-Kutta method is used to solve it. The statistical processing is carried out to gear stress by rain-flow counting method, and an eight-stage random loading model is established. Combining the nonlinear fatigue damage theory, the dynamic reliability of gear is predicted through the modified stress-strength interference model. Finally, the influence of some parameters on gear reliability is further studied, which provides a reference for the reliability optimization of gear in shearer cutting unit.

Keywords: Gear transmission system in a shearer, nonlinear dynamics, gear dynamic reliability, load spectrum, nonlinear damage accumulation

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