In order to achieve a fertilization to meet the nutrient requirement of different growth stages of crops and improve the efficiency of fertilizer use, an adjustable fertilizers were designed. The movement law of fertilizer particles and the ratio of fertilization The main factors are simulated.

The simulation results show that increasing the installation angle α of the stratified fertilizers can reduce the initial velocity of the fertilizer grains through the fertilizer application, and the fertilizer particles can be discharged from the fertilizer application. Increasing the working length L of the fertilizer can increase the collision Fertilizer particles, and then get more fertilizer.

In order to verify the simulation results and obtain reasonable working parameters of stratified fertilizers, four kinds of fertilizers (large granular urea, small granular urea, potassium sulfate compound fertilizer and diammonium phosphate compound fertilizer) were used as the research object.

The results showed that the change trend of the effect of four kinds of fertilizers was the same as that of the simulation results, and the working parameters α of the stratified fertilizers were determined to be 36 ° when the four kinds of fertilizers reached the appropriate ratio. , L is 13 ~ 16 mm.

The results of field experiment show that the designed stratified fertilizers can achieve the target fertilization ratio, and the coefficient of variation of fertilization at different working speed is less than 10%, and the working performance is stable.

Keywords: maize, layered fertilizer, parameter optimization.

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