Stress pulsation mechanism during filling and discharging granular materials form silos

B. Wiwatanapataphee, W.G. Alshanti
Taylor & Francis
Cogent Mathematics
Discrete element method, Granular material, stress pulsation

In this paper, we investigate numerically the dynamic pulsation nature of stresses acting on hopper walls during filling and discharging granular materials from silos. From the results, at the end of filling process, it can be concluded that the larger the frictional wall coefficient is, the less the ultimate stress values acting on the hopper wall will be. Furthermore, for smaller values of internal friction, a consistent stress fluctuation appears for a slightly long period of time before the stress trace turns to a straight line. For the discharging process, the required time for the discharging of the silo is almost the same for different values of wall frictions. Moreover, for large values of internal friction coefficients, the discharging process takes more time.

Keywords: granular material, discrete element method, stress pulsation

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