Simulations of deformation and fracture of graphene reinforced aluminium matrix nanolaminated composites

K. Zhan, Y. Ma, Y. Song
Mechanics of Materials
3D structural modelling, Aluminium matrix composite, Damage behaviour, Elasto-Plastic Response, Graphene

The mechanical properties of rGO/Al composites, considering the damage and failure behaviours, are studied by finite element analysis in this paper. A numerical 3D structural model of the bulk reduced graphene oxide (rGO) nanosheets with two different lateral sizes (0.23 μm and 1.1 μm) is created based on AFM images. A representative volume element with 3D realistic microstructure was used to represent the selected composite microstructure. The 3D program developed can predict the elasto-plastic response and fracture behaviour of the actual rGO/Al composites. Based on the 3D structural models, the simulated stress–strain curve and the fracture morphology were verified by the experimental results. The numerical results can be used to provide insight into the deformation and fracture mechanisms of rGO/Al composites.

Keywords: Aluminium matrix composite, Graphene, Elasto-plastic response, 3D structural modelling, Damage behaviour

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