Simulation and Verification of Charging Performance of Pneumatic Combined Pore – type Seed Metering Device Based on EDEM Software

C. Tao, L. Kehong, S. Song, Y. Li, Y. Xiaowei, Z. Dongxing
Journal of Agricultural Engineering
Transactions of the Chinese Society of Agricultural Engineering
agricultural machinery, experiment, filling performance, numerical simulation, precision metering device, Seed

In order to study the effect of population disturbance on the filling performance of the seeder, this paper based on the theory of discrete element method, using the air pressure combination type seed metering device as the model, using EDEM software for four different types of pore structure breeding plate population The simulation results show that the intensity of the disturbance of the population is analyzed by the simulation of the movement of the seed and the average stress of the seed as the index.

The simulation results show that the population disturbance intensity The increase of the total stress of the seed can not significantly reduce the normal stress of the seed, but it will reduce the instantaneous stress of the seed, that is, the instantaneous seed friction, and conclude that the filling capacity of the seed is the highest Better disk.

The experiment was carried out on the seeding test bench. Six kinds of rotational speed were selected. The results showed that the seed cells with the highest abstraction intensity were tested under the condition of the speed Leakage rate is the lowest. Compared with the simulation results, it is found that the enhancement of the disturbance of the seed plate to the population can improve the filling performance of the seed to a certain extent.

Keywords: agricultural machinery, seed, experiment, precision metering device, filling performance, numerical simulation.

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