Simulation of flow behavior of liquid and particles in a liquid–solid fluidized bed

J. Gao, Q. Dong, S. Guo, S. Wang, X. Lan, X. Li
Powder Technology
Discrete element method, Fluidised Bed, Liquid-Solid, Simulation

Flow behavior of liquid and solid phases is simulated by means of DEM-CFD in a liquid–solid fluidized bed. The lubrication force is considered. A detailed description of the model equations used has been presented. The distributions of velocity and volume fraction are predicted at the different superficial liquid velocities, liquid viscosity and solids densities in the bed. The granular temperature is computed from simulated particle velocity. Predicted solid axial velocities are in agreement with experiments. Simulations indicate that axial velocities of particles increase with the increase in the superficial liquid velocity. The bed expansion height is increased with an increase of superficial liquid velocity and liquid viscosity and decreases with the increase of particle density. The lubrication force reduces granular temperature in the liquid–solid fluidized beds.

Keywords: Discrete Element Method, Liquid-Solid, Fluidised Bed, Simulation

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