Simulation-based investigation of core-shell agglomerates: Influence of spatial heterogeneity in particle sizes on breakage characteristics

A. Spettl, M. Dosta, M. Weber, S.Heinrich, V. Schmidt
Computational Materials Science
Bonded Particle Model, compression experiment, core-shell agglomerate, Stochastic microstructure model

The stability and breakage behavior of agglomerates is of interest in many applications. It is well known that the internal microstructure is of great influence thereupon.

However, the precise relationship of structural properties and mechanical behavior is not yet known for many scenarios. In this paper, we consider a flexible stochastic model to analyze the strength of spherical agglomerates consisting of spherical primary particles, arranged as core and shell. Structural properties can be varied in core and shell independently. Applying the bonded-particle model (BPM), we investigate the influence of the primary particle size distributions in core and shell on the breakage behavior under uniaxial compressive load.

To get more meaningful results, we perform numerical studies of the same agglomerate with different directions of force and investigate the variation in breakage behavior.

Keywords: core-shell agglomerate, bonded-particle model, stochastic microstructure model, compression experiment.

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