Simulation and test of the movement process of mixed flow composed of slurry and coarse particle

G. Ou, H. Pan, X. Ji, Y. Liang
Taylor & Francis
European Journal of Environmental and Civil Engineering
Discrete element method, Mixed flow of particle and mud, Model Experiment, numerical simulate

Mixed flow composed of coarse particle and mud is a common mountain disaster. Because of its typical granular material characteristics, fluid theory based on continuum hypothesis is difficult to describe discontinuous deformation. Therefore, the rotary shear and normal bonding experiments of clay mud are carried out by MCR301 to determine the mechanical parameters of the normal and the tangential direction of the mud (131% moisture content). According to the theory of granular material, with PFC3D as the platform, write the numerical viscosity slope model test programme, according to the mud test results, set the parameters of the numerical model, reproduction process and the discontinuous deformation phenomenon, and is verified by the same size physical model test. The results show that the PFC3D discrete element method based on granular material theory can well reproduce the movement process and discontinuous deformation phenomenon of the coarse particle mud mixing flow slope, and provide a new way for in-depth analysis of the complex landslide movement process.

Keywords: Mixed flow of particle and mud, numerical simulate, model experiment, discrete element method

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