Random generation of convex granule packing based on weighted Voronoi tessellation and cubic-polynomial-curve fitting

A. Aijun, G. Jian, N. Zhihong, W.Xiang, Z. Kai
Computers and Geotechnics
Convex granular media, Discrete element modeling, Interparticle contact types, particle packing, Particle size distribution, Voronoi tessellation

This study presents a novel approach to randomly generating 2D packing of a particle assembly for discrete element simulation of convex granules. The proposed approach for constructing a random packing of granular media consists of two major processes: (1) based on Voronoi tessellation, the sample domain is discretized into numerous polygonal cells, which satisfy the desired cell size distribution, and (2) nonoverlapping particle outlines are generated via cubic-polynomial-curve fitting to polygonal cells, with consideration of the various interparticle contact conditions. The capabilities and potential usefulness of the proposed algorithms for the study of geotechnical granular materials are demonstrated through several numerical examples.

Keywords: Convex granular media, Particle packing, Voronoi tessellation, Discrete element modeling, Particle size distribution, Interparticle contact types,

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