Particle scale study on heat transfer of gas–solid spout fluidized bed with hot gas injection

B. Li, C. Chen, M. Ma, Y. Yu, Z. Zhou
Taylor & Francis
Particulate Science and Technology: An International Journal
CFD-DEM, heat transfer, particle scale, Spout-fluidized bed, Statistical analysis

In this paper, the heat transfer characteristics of a 2D gas–solid spout fluidized bed with a hot gas jet are investigated using computational fluid dynamics-discrete element method. The initial temperature of the background gas and particles in the spouted bed was set to 300 K. The particle temperature distribution after injection of 500 K gas from the bottom, center of the bed, is presented. The simulation results indicate well heat transfer behavior in the bed. Then, statistical analysis is conducted to investigate the influence of inlet gas velocity and particle thermal conductivity on the heat transfer at particle scale in detail. The results indicate that the particle mean temperature and convective heat transfer coefficient (HTC) linearly increase with the increase in inlet gas velocity, while the conductive HTC and the uniformity of particle temperature distribution are dominated by the particle thermal conductivity. The conductive and convective heat transfer play different roles in the spout fluidized bed. These results should be useful for the further research in such flow pattern and the optimization of operating such spouted fluidized beds.

Keywords: CFD-DEM, heat transfer, particle scale, spout fluidized bed, statistical analysis

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