Particle dynamics in a multi-staged fluidized bed: Particle transport behavior on micro-scale by discrete particle modelling

A. Buck, E. Diez, E. Tsotsas, K. Meyer, P. Kieckhefen, S.Heinrich
Advanced Powder Technology
CFD-DEM, Continuous fluidized bed, DPM (discrete particle modelling), Particle Dynamics, Particle Transport

This work studies the particle exchange rates in horizontal fluidized beds equipped with different weir designs between compartments. These particle exchange rates provide information on the axial dispersion of the solid material within the process. For this purpose discrete particle modelling (DPM) was used to determine the particle exchange on microscopic level. This method uses a coupled CFD-DEM approach to observe particle dynamics in a fluid field. The model was validated against exchange rates in a lab-scale setup as determined by Particle Tracking Velocimetry (PTV) with very good quantitative agreement, showing the suitability of the method for the evaluation of weir designs. Simulations were performed for different weir designs and under variation of the hold-up mass, the feed rate and gas velocity to predict their transport behavior in a pilot-scale 3D horizontal fluidized bed. The results indicate that the solids transport behavior is strongly dependent on the used weir design and the main driving force for the particle transport that can be influenced by the process conditions. The installation of weirs between two compartments induces a transport resistance, while the base type without the installation of a weir between the two chambers represents the fastest possibility for mixing the particles of a two-compartment system. It has been observed that the general trend shows higher particle recirculation rates for the overflow weir and base configuration (no weir), whereas the underflow and sideflow weir applications improve the solids transport through the horizontal fluidized bed.

Keywords: DPM (discrete particle modelling), CFD-DEM, Particle dynamics, Particle transport, Continuous fluidized bed,

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