Numerical study on gas-solid flow in CBFB based on TFM-DEM hybrid model

G. Liu, L. Cheng, T. Zhang, X. Zhu, Z. Zhao
American Institute of Physics
AIP Conference Proceedings
Computer software, Fluid drag, Fluidized beds, Multiphase Flows

This thesis aims at the TFM-DEM hybrid model, taking advantage of open source software MFIX, and takes gas-solid flow process in coal beneficiation fluidized bed (CBFB) as object of research. In gas-solid flow of the coal beneficiation fluidized bed, different diameters of coal/gangue particles are investigated and the existence of effective particle diameter in this apparatus is validated. The coal back mixing phenomenon due to the drag effect of rising bubble in the bed is captured from the particle level in hybrid model, and the time to reach balance in different diameters of coal/gangue particle is compared, which provides the reference for future applications of hybrid model.

Keywords: Fluid drag, Computer software, Multiphase flows, Fluidized beds

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