Numerical Simulations Of The Covering A House By A Debris Flow

E. Harada, H. Gotoh, T. Hosoda
Taylor & Francis
River Flow 2006
Distinct element method, Granular Material Model, Passively Moving Solids, Solid-Liquid Two-Phase Model

Areas devastated by debris flows are frequently reported. Rapid rescue operations, for which the accurate prediction of buried regions are necessary, are required to reduce the number of casualties. In the present study, numerical simulations of the process of covering a house by a debris flow have been performed using a solid-liquid, two-phase flow model. A granular material model, based on the Distinct Element Method is used for the solid phase. The house is made of several pillars, which are connected by passively moving solids, and an elastic collapse model is applied to the joints between the pillars.

Keywords: Solid-Liquid Two-Phase Model, Granular Material Model, Distinct Element Method, Passively Moving Solids

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