Numerical simulation of the influence of particle shape on the mechanical properties of rockfill materials

B. Huang, H. Han, W. Chen, X. Fu
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
Engineering Computations
numerical simulation, Particle breakage, Particle shape, rockfill materials, Shape factor

The method of generating four regular-shaped particles is based on the observation that most rockfill grains are regarded as like-triangle, like-rhombus, like-square and like-hexagon. A shape factor F that is developed using the Blaschke coefficient and a concave–convex degree is proposed. A biaxial compression test on rockfill materials under stress path is numerically simulated by discrete element method. The evolution of the shape factor F under the simulated stress paths is analyzed, and particle breakage rate, peak intensity and peak-related internal friction angle for rockfill materials are derived. A method of determining the shape factor F involved in the two functions is proposed.

Keywords: Numerical simulation, Particle breakage, Particle shape, Rockfill materials, shape factor

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