Numerical Simulation of the Ancient Protiron Structure Model Exposed to Seismic Loading

A. Manjiza, H. Smoljanovic, N. Zivaljic, Z. Nikolic
Taylor & Francis
International Journal of Architectural Heritage
Combined finite–discrete element method (FDEM), Numerical analysis, protiron structure, Seismic load

This article presents the results of a numerical stability analysis of the old stone Protiron structure model in Split exposed to seismic loading. The analysis was performed by open source Y-3D numerical code based on the Combined Finite-Discrete Element Method (FDEM). The FDEM code was extended with a new dissipative contact interaction algorithm in order to overcome the limitation related to energy dissipation under normal contact interaction, which, combined with dry friction, represents a relevant mechanism for energy dissipation in dry-joint masonry structures. The performances of the presented numerical model are demonstrated through the comparison of numerical results with the experimental tests of the Protiron model obtained by the shaking table investigations. The most significant results of the measured displacement vs. time have been numerically reproduced by the presented numerical model which confirms the suitability of the FDEM method for assessing the seismic resistance of dry-joint masonry structures.

Keywords: Combined Finite-Discrete Element Method (FDEM), numerical analysis, protiron structure, seismic load

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