Numerical simulation of reinforced concrete structures under impact loading

A. Munjiza, H. Smoljanovic, N. Zivaljic, Z. Nikolic
Materials Science & Engineering Technology
crack pattern, Finite-discrete element method, Impact loading, numerical simulation, Reinforced concrete beam

This study presents the performance of a combined finite‐discrete element method for prediction of the structural response of reinforced concrete beams under impact loading. A combination of finite and discrete element methods enables the modelling of the concrete and the reinforcement before the concrete cracking, as well as a discontinuous nature of the concrete caused by fracture and fragmentation under high impact loading. Discretization of the concrete with triangular finite elements is coupled with one‐dimensional reinforcing bars embedded inside the concrete finite elements. The cracking in the concrete activates the joint elements used to simulate the non‐linear behavior of both concrete and reinforcement. Numerical analysis based on experimental test data has been carried out to simulate the main features of the reinforced concrete beams impacted by free‐falling drop‐weights. A high level of accuracy was demonstrated in various comparisons between the experimental tests and the analysis results, including peak displacement, crack pattern, damage level and failure modes of reinforced concrete beams.

Keywords: Crack pattern, finite-discrete element method, impact loading, numerical simulation, reinforced concrete beam,

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