Numerical Simulation for Vertical Sorting in Sheetflow by Particle-Laden Turbulence Flow Model

E. Harada, H. Gotoh
Journal of Japan Society of Civil Engineers
Distinct element method, large eddy simulation, sheet flow, solid-liquid multi-phase flow, vertical sorting

Sheetflow is the key to predict a beach deformation because massive sediment is transported by a high shear stress. To understand the mechanism of sheetflow dynamics, numerical simulations and experiments have been performed, however, sheetflow is a highly-concentrated particulate flow internal structure of which, so it is difficult to be investigated experimentally. In the present study, numerical simulation of a sheetflow by using of high resolition model the solid-liquid two-phase turbulence flow is performed, and the internal structure of sheetflow layer has been investigated in detail by a high-resolution solution in 1/10 times of particle diameter.

Keywords: large eddy simulation, distinct element method, solid-liquid multi-phase flow, sheet flow, vertical sorting

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